Our art commission (Gaila Pander and Elizabeth Muilwijk) aims to support young artists as well as talented amateurs, for whom it’s often challenging to find affordable spaces to show their work. That’s why we invite artists from Den Haag and its surroundings to come exhibit their art at the high and light space of L.O.F.T.!

For general information the details of our conditions, please contact Gaila or Elizabeth: gaila.pander@hotmail.com,
or call 06 27 17 25 83 (Gaila).

About Gaila

Sculptor Gaila Pander grew up in a family of artists, turning creative expression into her second nature. In 1996 she started her own atelier in Pijnacker. She founded a second workshop in 2005 in the Provence, an amazing place for stone, where she stays for several months per year. When Erik and Defne started working on L.O.F.T. right across Gaila’s house, contact between them was made fast. The old shed on the north side of L.O.F.T. appeared to be a perfect place to work with stone. Soon it became Gaila’s new workplace! The first sculpture that was created here was Pomona (the Roman goddess of fruits), in honour of the opening of L.O.F.T. This statue has found a home next to the southern entrance, where you enter via the terrace of Café Loft. Gaila’s creates sculptures that are both figurative as abstract and organically shaped; she also makes tokens. When the weather allows it, you can find Gaila at work next to the pond, where she also organises sculpturing workshops from time to time. 

Under his baptismal name Remigius, Remco Hazenbroek mostly paints portraits, like this self-portrait from 2018. He likes to work in series, of which this ‘Zeven Hoofdzonden’ (Seven Deadly Sins) is an example. Explanation about these self-portraits about norms and values, you can find on: https://www.remigius.eu/uitklapplaat-in-atelier-magazine/

For L.O.F.T. he painted a new pentaptych, Het Gewicht van een Instituut (The Weight of an Institute), of which the composition is loosely inspired by The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. This work portrays Pope Franciscus, Beyoncé, de holy Virgin Mary and Stephen Hawking. The pentaptych is on display from September 10th at L.O.F.T. 

L.O.F.T. , the land of free thought is also the place of freedom in expression. We can not think of anything more beautiful than to decorate our walls and space with your thoughts! With 16 metre high ceilings/walls, ca. 650m2 ground and around 150 expected visitors a day we are glad to be able to offer passionate artists the perfect opportunity to share their vision.

As you might know, we’re currently dealing with visitor limitations due to the corona crisis. That’s why we’re showing the calming and meditative works of Sona Sahakian longer than expected! The next exhibition is already planned: we’re looking forward to showing you the beautiful works of Oana Tudose’s project iele. Oana came to Rotterdam from Romania, to study at the Piet Zwart Institute. Recently she has set up her own art project, through which she turns discarded sheep wool from her region into poetic pieces of art. Have a look at her website right here: http://iele.world/