Another ambitious, young & wise entrepreneur in the world of L.O.F.T. 

Jasper van den Burg! Started with producing his Eiber Beer in 2006 here in Den Haag and kept on improving since! Besides his well known hoppy/happy blonde (as well as his girlfriend/business partner Louise but also his prize winning blond beer;) he also has his seasonal beer and special beer cheese!

Just like everyone else under our roof, he is very fond of sharing! His knowledge over the beer and all the adventuresome flavours he experiments in daily basis is to be heard during the workshops of making & tasting. 

…from basil and cucumber to coffee and whisky, you name it and he makes it!

This micro brewery surely adds one more color to L.O.F.T. with its creative vision and happy vibes! With the hoped result of obtaining the required permit, L.O.F.T. will be enriched with a special beer brewery of Eiber Bier.