9 April between 15:00 and 16:00Β Moniek Wolters takes you on a journey with her poems, music and movement on a journey through her second collection LAKLAAG.
She is accompanied on guitar by Ronald Kooiman. The collection of poems LAKLAAG is a hymn to the love of life andΒ also to what prevents us from doing so.
Moniek says a lot in her poems with few words. She writes honestly, directly and disarmingly.
TheΒ beauty of simplicity with a regular witticism. In LAKLAAG, Moniek takes you on a journey along ourΒ protective layers, in the hope that she will thereby overcome the loneliness along the way.
which can soften and, above all, awaken the love for life.
In 2019, Moniek’s debut ERTUSSENIN – inspiration for theΒ in-between time with changes in work and life – was published. Her fascination with the themes in her collections of poems has everything to do with her own process of change from economist and manager to independent coach and trainer and now also a poet. ‘