From Sunday February 23rd the photo exhibition Kinderen van de Koster is on show at L.O.F.T.: a photographic report of the demolition of the Allerheiligst Sacrament church.

The Allerheiligst Sacrament Church, which was located at the Sportlaan in The Hague, was closed as a result of declining church visits on August 31st, 2008. For the following years the church was used for multiple purposes, but was eventually demolished. The demolition took place from November 2018 until February 2019.

The event has been photographed by photographer Annelies Schouten, who organised this exhibition together with Birgitta Maes.

Already curious? Look here for a preview of Annelies Schouten’s work!

For a peek into the process of the project, take a look at the Voordekunst campaign.

Cocoa sharemonies

Centuries ago, the Mayas and Aztecs already used cacao for spiritual ceremonies: these cacao ceremonies were meant to be heart-opening and the belief is that cacao has a healing effect on the mental, physical and spiritual body. Come and experience it yourself on Saturday evenings (3 October and 14 November) at L.O.F.T.!

The ceremony consists of drinking the cacao mixture, meditation, a sound bath, movement/dance and contact with others in the group. Of course under the professional guidance of Serena du Bois, so you can feel free to fully give in to the ceremony. Serena will make her own cacao drink with herbs and spices that match the current season. For this mixture she uses raw cacao that is grown with respect for people and planet in Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador. 

About four years ago, Serena experienced her first cacao ceremony. It was organised by an American shaman, whose purpose was to make cacao ceremonies more accessible to a bigger audience. Serena learned everything about cacao ceremonies from this shaman and now it’s Serena’s turn to share it with you! 

Serena:“With cacao ceremonies I wish to bring people together on a deeper level. With a sound bath you go in even deeper. You’re also in contact with others during a ceremony: it’s about focused attention. It’s about being authentic, being able to be yourself in a group, to share, or to actually hold back.”

There’s still space for participants on 14 November! The ceremonies take place at the yoga studio Ajna Tempel Den Haag, from 19.00 until about 22.00. Contribution is €45 p.p. and €85 for couples. Send an email to to sign up.

After years of playing in different cover bands from The Hague – from a soul band of 15 members to a rock band with their own music – a long cherished wish came true.

CoverLover was born,
the musical creation of Karin and Henk.

They play _feel good_ cover songs: hots of the sixties, seventies and
eighties, but also more recent songs.

 From Fleetwood Mac to Oasis,
From The Beatles to Amy Winehouse,
From Gilbert O’Sullivan to Kings of Leon
and of course also some French _chansons_
Music that fills our hearts and we show it!

Karin, vocals and acoustic guitar
Henk, vocals and acoustic guitar