Exhibition Sona Sahakian

Sona finds most of her inspiration in nature and the spiritual world. The work that’s currently on show at L.O.F.T. shows Sona’s emotional and spiritual experiences during her walks through the Armenian mountains. The pastel colours and natural elements invite the viewer to a quiet moment of meditation and reflection.⁠

The long film rolls show stills from the film that Sona made as her graduation project. They stills tell a story about life, death and rebirth. It’s based on the – more than – exceptional story of her great grandfather, which you can read in full on her website. ⁠

Cocoa sharemonies

Centuries ago, the Mayas and Aztecs already used cacao for spiritual ceremonies: these cacao ceremonies were meant to be heart-opening and the belief is that cacao has a healing effect on the mental, physical and spiritual body. Come and experience it yourself on Saturday evenings (3 October and 14 November) at L.O.F.T.!

The ceremony consists of drinking the cacao mixture, meditation, a sound bath, movement/dance and contact with others in the group. Of course under the professional guidance of Serena du Bois, so you can feel free to fully give in to the ceremony. Serena will make her own cacao drink with herbs and spices that match the current season. For this mixture she uses raw cacao that is grown with respect for people and planet in Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador. 

About four years ago, Serena experienced her first cacao ceremony. It was organised by an American shaman, whose purpose was to make cacao ceremonies more accessible to a bigger audience. Serena learned everything about cacao ceremonies from this shaman and now it’s Serena’s turn to share it with you! 

Serena:“With cacao ceremonies I wish to bring people together on a deeper level. With a sound bath you go in even deeper. You’re also in contact with others during a ceremony: it’s about focused attention. It’s about being authentic, being able to be yourself in a group, to share, or to actually hold back.”

There’s still space for participants on 14 November! The ceremonies take place at the yoga studio Ajna Tempel Den Haag, from 19.00 until about 22.00. Contribution is €45 p.p. and €85 for couples. Send an email to info@awakingzensesmassage.com to sign up.

Workshop Sculpting

From the 17th until the 22nd of May you can join us for a workshop sculpting! For 5 days you will be sculpting your own stone with professional guidance of artist Gaila Pander. The workshop will take place on the north side of our renovated church next to the water. A lovely spot for being creative! Whether you’re advanced or just starting sculpting, all levels are welcome. Because you can also learn a lot from each other!

Practical information

The workshop is meant for adults, from beginners to advanced sculptors. Of course the entire workshop will be coronaproof: you will be working outside and at a safe distance from each other. Participants will need to bring their own face mask, safety goggles, gloves and optional rain gear. Participation costs are €275, including refreshments, coffee, tea and a tasty lunch provided by Café Loft! The stone is not included in the price, but is available on the spot and costs between €17 and €45. There’s space for 7 participants, so subscribe soon!  

Subscribe by filling out the form or send an e-mail to info@gaila.nl. 

For more info, call Gaila on 06 27 17 25 83 or visit her website: www.gaila.nl