Water is our world
Exhibition Elvira van Bochove
23 May until 31 July 

Water transports vitality. Surrounded by water I’m boundless/bodyless. Water connects me to the beginning of time and with every part of the planet. A lot of my work is water related. My paintings are about rivers and the sea, but also about the water present inside us, and the life we live thanks to that water. It’s a catalyser of stories. Waves and currents stimulate the growth of an endless space in the imagination of people. When I’m in a river or lake, I experience with multiple senses how it wraps around the earth and connects time and space. I also work with lemons, carriers of sunlight and water. They form the base of magical conductors the help our consciousness to create realities. They help us to see more than images. In the old days, lemons were already being used to practice magic. Lemons would be poked with pins and would turn into lucky charms with the right spells.’

Elvira van Bochove is a multidisciplinary artist with a main thread: everyone and everything is stardust. She graduated in illustration and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost, but also makes spatial work and leads a group of dancers, researching the power of movement and circle dance. 

Read more about Elvira’s art on her website.     

Madrigalen Den Haag lead by Enrico Ruggieri
Including a 3-course dinner by Café Loft
24th of June 18.00

Madrigale Den Haag brings you madrigals from the most prominent musician in mid 16th century Mantua: Giaches de Wert. He was known for his expressive musical language, big contrasts and declamatory style. Madrigale Den Haag focuses her repertoire on the Italian madrigal from the 16th and 17th century. This time at L.O.F.T., the renovated Jerusalem church located in the Vruchtenbuurt in The Hague, accompanied by a 3-course dinner from Café Loft! 

The madrigal was the most prominent and performed worldly music genre at the Italian courts during the renaissance. The MDH programmes explore the madrigal styles coming from Italian courts and their prominent musicians. 

€45 p.p. including a 3-course dinner by Café Loft. Call us at 070-2253569 to book or send us an email at cafe@loftdenhaag.nl.

Wine tasting Mme Bouquet with bites from our kitchen and live music by Yellofox
Father’s day, 19th of June from 15.00 until 17.30

Finally the annual summer tasting from Mme Bouquet will be held live, at our old church! This time there’s a series of new summer wines on the tasting table, together with homemade bites from our chef. On top of that there’s the fun and upbeat music by Yellofox, which is a reason to join the tasting in itself 😉 Participants of the tasting also enjoy a 10% discount on their meal if they stay at Café Loft for dinner! 

To sign up or for more info,
visit the website of Mme Bouquet.

Benefit concert by the Vruchtencollectief for Ukranian refugees in the Vruchtenbuurt.
28th of May from 18.30 until 20.30

This group of talented classical musicians from the Vruchtenbuurt will be using their skills to help out the Ukranian refugees that will come live in the Vruchtenbuurt. Want to help out with a small donation or do you just want to come enjoy the music? Everyone is welcome! 


Wim de Jong, violin
David Goovaerts, violin
Justa de Jong, cello
Doron Nagan, contrabass
Liesbeth de Jong, clarinet
Nicolette Heerema, piano
Jaap Heins, vocals

Live music @ Cafe Loft

Live music from local bands, served with home made bites and drinks from Café Loft!


24th of June Madrigale

2nd of July Vincent Janse

3rd of July JWP Acoustic band

Bites & Drinks between 15.00 and 18.00

Of course our kitchen provides you with snacks and drinks. Join us between 15.00 and 18.00 and we serve you a selection of artisanal bites and a drink for €18,95 p.p. Want to stay for dinner? Then you’ll receive a 10% discount! 

Send us an email at cafe@loftdenhaag.nl to book or call us on 070-2253569.

Complete your birthday party, wedding or any other event at LOFT with live music from Dear Francis! This band of four plays well-known songs from the Top 2000, or at least the songs that should be in there. Their compact acoustic set up of guitar, bass guitar, cajon and multiple vocals brings hits back to their essence. With their wide repertoire of hits from the seventies to today’s favourites they surely appeal to a wide audience, young and old! The ideal band for who’s up for easy listening as well as those up for a dance. 

More info on their website. To book, send an email to info@dearfrancis.nl

Sapori d’Estate – opening & tasting weekend
July 2 – 3, 12.00-18.00

For this special event we’ll be welcoming you in a beautiful yurt set up on the terrace. This will be the place where you can enjoy everything L.O.F.T. has to offer! Café Loft is going all-out with a traditional paella made by our Spanish chef, pizza from O’Pazzo in Rotterdam, vegan bites and homemade cakes. Beans & Dreams will be presenting their variety of fair trade coffee and chocolates. Come and taste a selection of L.O.F.T. wines, delicacies from our Food & Gift store and our first batch of L.O.F.T. beer! Apart from good food and drinks, L.O.F.T. has a lot more to offer: M.Y. Journey yoga & training will provide you with more info about their trainings and workshops and you can take a peek at our accommodation and former church hall. There will be plenty to taste and discover for everyone!

July 2nd 14.00-17.00 Live music by Vincent Janse
July 3rd 14.00-17.00 Live music by JWP Acoustic Band

Entrance per day includes food and drinks and is €19,50 for adults and €9,50 for kids from 7 y.o. Payment at arrival on the day itself. Want to be sure of a spot? Book in advance by calling us on 070-2253569 or email us at cafe@loftdenhaag.nl.

What makes the trainings and yoga lessons of Marijke and her teachers so special? It’s the combination of listening to your body and getting in shape. One of the main focus points of M.Y. Journey is that everyone can participate: if you have a weak ankle for example, the teachers adapt your training in such a way that you can still go home feeling satisfied about your work out or yoga lesson! With enough demand Marijke also organises training sessions outside, perfect now the weather is (slowly but surely) getting better, isn’t it? That’s why now is the perfect moment to make use of this offer: 2 months of unlimited yoga & training for only €85. 

Visit their website to order and for more information.