Suzanne Bo’s work comes into existence in an intuitive manner: emotional and expressive images shape themselves, organically and colourful. Suzanne Bo is a self-taught painter who developed herself at the Vrije Academie in The Hague. At the moment she is a member of Pulchri Studio (The Hague), the Haagse Kunstkring and STROOM (The Hague). 

Interested in Suzanne Bo’s work? Find out more on her website.

Tantric Dance
Every 2nd Saturday of the month.
First upcoming event: October 9th 2021

Tantric Dance is a playful way of discovering through dance, meditation and contact. It’s about letting go and learning how to lead, since you’ll be dancing with a blindfolded partner. Through developing powerful leadership and learning how to surrender deeply, you will discover a lot about yourself and learn how to better dance with life. You will ‘dance’ between asserting clear leadership and learning to let go of the reigns. The careful guidance of Rakesh and the friendly atmosphere helps for you to quickly progress in this connecting dance.

Time: 14.00 until 17.00
Location: yoga studio at the top of the stairs at the north side of the church
Costs: €65 per couple

For questions you can contact Rakesh at

Tarot consultation by Inner Light by Eve
Sunday October 3rd

On Sunday October 3rd Eva is coming to L.O.F.T. STAY for Tarot readings. Eva works with ‘Zen Tarot’ that focuses on the here and now and inner awareness. The cards will not tell you when or what is going to happen or what you should to, but will give you insight into the road that leads there. During a Tarot consult you can ask questions about everything that’s going on in your life. With every card you pick, Eva will explain what it means and she will share the messages she receives for you. A Tarot reading is a special experience that often works through on deeper levels. The gained insights invite you to come to terms with things, break through old patterns, take important decisions and decide your own journey.

Are you looking for more insights into a certain theme, do you have questions or are you just curious? You’re more than welcome!

Sunday 3rd of October from 12.30-15.30
Costs: €30 (individual session of 45 minutes)

More info:
Registration by sending an email to