Fair Trade Gift Shop

This special atelier inside L.O.F.T. is occupied by start-up ‘Kado met Trots’ (gift with pride), a gift shop by Henriët. She is Stef’s neighbour. Together with her cheerful sister-in-law, Strelicija,, Henriët proudly sells Fair Trade products, but is also against waste and support recycling and sustainability. Apart from sustainability, she also supports people’s creative initiatives. At the moment she sells wallets made by Marlies, a young and creative woman from Utrecht, who makes wallets from leather remainder. 

Henriët describes the Fair Trade products as ‘worldly pieces of art’. A gift that is made with perspective and prude, Fair Trade is win-win.

Why Kado met Trots (Gift with Pride)?

Proud of you, because you’re contributing to: offering opportunities to underprivileged producers from non-Western countries, fair trading conditions, responsible pricing, fair living wages, no child labour, responsible working conditions, capacity building, care for the environment and promotion of Fair Trade. 

Henriët and Strelicija have a mission: offering people time to pick a responsible gift in a friendly and creative environment. A gift for yourself or for someone else. Not on a webshop, but in contact with one another. Meeting one another. After all, the act of giving sparks happiness in both the receiver as the giver! The act of giving, simply for the goal of making someone happy, can bring about one of the most positive feelings in the world. Positive energy balanced by gratefulness. We sell the nicest greeting cards, toys, body & mind products, home accessories, women- and men’s product and much more! Every month we change our product range or add new products. We continue to surprise. 

Henriët opened her doors mid December 2019. The shop is currently open from Tuesday until Sunday, from 10.00 until 17.00. 

The gratefulness of our producers always takes centre stage. And our logo speaks for itself! See you soon!