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Welcoming, delicious nibbles and champagne
Live music


Mingling along, ice cream treat, more drinks
Live music

Starter buffet and slide show

Main course buffet and a funky band

Dessert buffet
(Leave some space or regret forever kinda thing)

Acts from friends, our dance and surprise show

Lyger and Patrick Hertgers


What we eat defines how we feel so that’s exactly why we shall only be serving happy, fresh, colourful and healthy food cooked by O’Pazzo today! Let’s feel at our very best to enjoy each others company on this special day!

To be able offer everyone their favourite dishes and ultimately brighten up their colors we chose for an open buffet for every course! Delicious selection of starters, main dishes and desserts will be presented on the buffet separately at different times and certainly long enough to enjoy everything with no limits. We thought of all the allergies too! Are you lactose or gluten intolerant or have a nut/shellfish allergie? Don’t worry! There will be lots of choices for you all! =)

The same goes for the drinks! Non-Alcoholic smoothies, yummy coffee, special beers and wines from passionate wine makers! CAFE LOFT will be open for the very first time all day and night specially for LOFT ”Romance Edition”

We have high and low tables inside and outside of the church, benches and fatboys along the water and a tent with lots of fluffy cushions so grab your favourite food and enjoy it wherever you feel the most comfortable =)


If you are already thinking of WHAT TO WEAR!?! Here are some ideas but there certainly isn’t a dress code for this relaxed wedding! We do like Bohemian style and here are a couple of examples of what we will be wearing and a few examples of what we like! What we like the most is you! Our precious guests, family and the greatest friends so bring yourself with your today’s outfit and that’s gonna be perfectly fine! If you still demanding some ideas then here they are!!! Loots of colors, sense of humour and good vibes! That! Wear that! Why don’t you??


For our guests who are travelling from abroad and probably did this many times before, we would like to remind you the train option, which is the easiest one to use to get here from the Schiphol Airport. We usually get the train to Den Haag Centraal and then tram 3 to get to Pomonaplein 49! There will be more handy alternatives depending on your time of arrival so just use the Google Maps below to see the public transportation options!


 Where to stay is the very next question that pops up in the head and I can happily announce you that if you did bring your sleeping bag with you, don’t mind curling up somewhere to get some decent sleep and sharing the shower with others the next morning isn’t a problem (hopefully not at the same time:) then we sure have a space for you at our church!

The church, now L.O.F.T. is located in the Vruchtenbuurt, Den Haag. Super friendly and quiet neighbourhood, 15min cycling distance from the beach and 20min from the city center. If you choose for a quieter weekend, (besides our hardcore wedding party) with nice fluffy bed and private shower, balcony etc. then check these accommodations out! Airbnb has never failed us! Even an entire apartment for a super decent price, walking distance from L.O.F.T. is possible. If you never tried it and looking for something more reliable then these 2 hotels are also pretty good!

And remember! Wherever you choose to open your eyes the next morning, you are always welcome to join the L.O.F.T. breakfast ”Hangover edition” anytime!

Let us know If you need help with your booking or any other questions related with your stay. =)

Best Western Den Haag
Court Garden Hotel Den Haag